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Master Title is committed to building solid relationships with legal professionals by responding consistently with reliable, and timely service that exceeds our clients ’ expectations.


Master Title Agency, LLC has been serving legal professionals since 2002. With a strong emphasis on customer service, and over 30 years of combined underwriting experience, we have grown to become one of the most trusted title companies for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. The underwriting staff of Master Title Agency, LLC is committed to providing reliable and timely services to our clients.

With a focus on the needs of our customers, we have become one of the fastest growing title companies in the area. We service legal professionals throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.


Master Title now provides an additional legal resource for our clients!
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Enhanced Policies - Additional Comprehensive Coverage for the Borrower and Lender
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10 Ways to Lose Your Property
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Benefits of Attorney Closings
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Meet Our Attorney

D. Kevin Joyce

Mr. Joyce joined Master Title Agency, LLC in December, 2005, as Legal Counsel.

He was born in Walkertown, North Carolina, and graduated from Carver High School in nearby Winston-Salem. He received his B.S. in Business Administration in 1995 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his J.D., summa cum laude, in 1998 from the North Carolina Central University School of Law.

Prior to joining Master Title, Mr. Joyce was engaged in the private practice of law, primarily in the areas of real estate, foreclosures, zoning, and landlord / tenant law.

He currently resides with his wife and two children in Gaston County, North Carolina where he served for 6 years on the Lowell Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, and where he remains active in his church and community.


Some Highlights of the Enhanced Eagle Title Insurance Policy

  • Inflation Coverage - Owners' coverage amount increases up to 10% per year for the first 5 years

  • Post Policy Forgery coverage

  • Post Policy Encroachment - covers homeowner if neighbor builds a structure (other than fence or wall) which encroaches on homeowners' land

  • Post Policy Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easement coverage

  • Enhanced Vehicular and Pedestrian Access

  • Restrictive Covenant Violations - covers violations of restrictive covenants occurring prior to the homeowner taking title

  • *Certain Building Permit and Zoning Violation coverage * - covers forced removal or remediation of an existing structure built without a building permit or in violation of zoning regulation

  • *Encroachment by owners' boundary wall or fence onto neighbors' land, easement, or set-back - homeowner covered for forced removal*

    *limited coverage amounts and deductible may apply


Title insurance protects you against such potential defects as:

  • Forged Deeds, mortgage, satisfactions or releases.

  • Deed by person who is insane or mentally incompetent.

  • Deed by minor (may be disavowed)

  • Deed challenged as being given under fraud, undue influence or duress.

  • Deed to or from a “corporation” before incorporation, or after loss of corporate character.

  • Misinterpretation of wills, deeds and other instruments.

  • Undisclosed by recorded prior mortgage.

  • Deed executed under falsified power of attorney.

  • Deed to land without a right of access to a public street or road.

  • Patent defects in recorded instruments (for example, failure to attach notarial acknowledgment or a legal description)


Benefits of Attorney Closings

  • Attorneys provide legal representation to Buyers during the closing, whereas Settlement Services Companies provide no legal representation to Buyers

  • Attorneys will work with the parties to address and correct known title issues, whereas Settlement Service Companies will not

  • Attorneys are closely regulated by the North Carolina State Bar and the North Carolina General Statutes, whereas Settlement Services Companies are unregulated

  • Most Attorneys carry malpractice insurance, many Settlement Services Companies do not carry such insurance

  • The North Carolina State Bar has a client reimbursement fund that reimburses clients in cases where an attorney commits some type of misconduct, whereas no such fund exists to reimburse clients of Settlement Services Companies that commit misconduct

  • Attorneys can explain documents and give professional advice regarding the legal ramifications and effect of documents and title issues during the closing process, whereas Settlement Services Companies are prohibited from explaining or giving advice regarding documents or title issues during the closing process

  • Attorneys' liability to and duty to the client extends beyond the closing, so that typically the Attorney is bound to make any necessary corrections after closing, whereas a Settlement Services Companies' responsibility ends at completion of the closing

  • Attorneys' trust accounts are strictly regulated by both the State Bar and the North Carolina Good Funds Settlement Act, and therefore Attorney Trust Account Checks are treated as certified funds, whereas Settlement Services Companies' accounts are unregulated and checks which they issue are not treated as certified funds

  • In the vast majority of cases, the total fees for the Attorney closing are the same as or less than those for the Settlement Services Company closing, and the Attorney closing includes legal representation